8 Realities of the Female Athlete

I came across this the other day and loved how Megan Grant (@megangrant333) from Elite Daily added a touch of humour to get across some pretty important points we all – male and female alike – should take into account when discussing female athletes.

8 Realities of Female Athlete

Let’s also not forget;

  • Razor back sporting tops might look and feel better (for some) but they don’t lend themselves to the most supportive of sports bras as the straps show, so embrace the strap and support yourself properly girls!
  • Wearing white as the away team, at Wimbledon or in the Ashes is a tradition yes but also adds to the list of female challenges.
  • Breasting feeding while playing and training deserves a gold medal, just ask Sarah Elliot after she scored a test hundred for Australia – Super Mum

And yes, the next person who says to me Serena is built like a man had better run!