Butterfly Effect Introduction

My work and play has me meeting some amazing people which thankfully, a lot of the times, leads to some unbelievably great conversations. These chats have inspired me, have had me question my own thoughts and beliefs but most of all have confirmed that we need to continually strive to hear the how and why our females athletes do the amazing things they do.

A work meeting with Stefan Grun from VicHealth which was looking at genuine connections between athletes and charities has, two years down the track, lead to the development of the Butterfly Effect. A platform to look at highlighting female athletes with stories to tell.

Stef himself was an AFL field umpire with years of working up close and personal with elite officials and players. Now managing key sporting partnerships at VicHealth as Manager of Physical Activity, Sport and Healthy Eating, Stef has been a driving force behind getting this podcast up and running. His passion for getting more girls and women active and engaged in healthy habits is infectious.

And stepping in to join Stef and I is a sporting trail blazer in AFL Goal Umpire and journalist Chelsea Roffey. One switched on cookie, Chelsea is a Winston Churchill Fellowship recipient who traveled overseas to study strategies for influencing social change that enables and encourages girls to be the authors of their own lives.

The Butterfly Effect is our way of hopefully providing little gems of wisdom for anyone interested in sport, in particular females in sport, to get them hooked, help them stay hooked and give them the inspiration to follow their sporting dreams.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it.