Guilt, Bad Dreams & Fasting

It’s almost like the night before exams. A feeling of nerves, anxiety, trepidation but mostly dread. Tomorrow is the first of two fasting days in the 30 Day Detox and I feel that if I can get through this test without too much collateral damage I can get through the bulk of the challenge issue free.

Up until now, keeping in mind it’s only been 6 days, things have gone fairly smoothly. Ticked off the daily gym session, haven’t wavered on any restricted food or drinks and haven’t ripped anyone’s head off due to “hangryness” – yes the level of ‘angry’ you get from being hungry. There has been a few amusing and surprising outcomes from the change in daily routine though.

Dreams. My mind is obviously missing coffee and wine more than my body as a nightly reminder has me waking in a sweat throwing an imaginary glass against the wall before it hits my lips! I’ve also never been much of water drinker either so 2 liters a day has me realising just how mush time some people spend in the loo.  Look I know it’s a necessity but yes it’s an inconvenience.

And then there is guilt. Now each week you have a day off where you can relax a little and have something you’re really missing. I’m attempting not use those days for the first two weeks to give this a good crack. So much so, when I was at a function the other day and I stayed strong and  said no to all the amazing horderves. All my favorites on a steady stream of Madam would you like a crispy duck pancake, pancetta and goats cheese, salmon and cream cheese….hmmm crispy duck. Then a tray of sushi comes along. Sushi is on the lunch list so no problems here. As I finish my last bite I realise it’s 6pm which means I’m an hour into the no carbs phase of the day. AAGGGGHHHH.

Now in the scheme of things it wasn’t like I had a deep fried mars bar or 12 espresso martinis. It was just a bite size piece of rice and avocado and yet I felt like I’d dropped a sitter on the last ball of the grand final to lose the match.

So the million dollar question, do I feel any better? To be honest nothing noticeable at the moment from the inside. However, there is certainly a good feeling around looking after myself. I’m tired at night but have been sleeping really well and ready to fire in the mornings. I’ve probably saved a few pennies from eating in more and no weekend drinks and daily coffees.

And although not a goal at all for jumping on board this detox, it looks like a 3kg loss in the first week. The weigh in was post a gym session so fluids could count for a fair bit but for those looking for an inside and out fix, this challenge looks to be doing the job.

Will keep as busy as possible tomorrow, avoid the kitchen at work and will most likely be in bed and tying to go to sleep by 7.30pm so that Tuesday and breakfast comes around as quickly as possible.