Hydrabad Biriyani 101

Discovering new dishes is one of the most enjoyable parts of travelling.  In India this can be a daily occurance due to the diversity of cuisines right acros the country.  One of the falicies of India is that a curry is a curry. Wash your mouth out!

There are 29 states and 7 territoris and each has it’s own language, various religions and wide range of dishes that I won’t get through even if I do the next 10 years of IPL.

Being based a lot in Hyderabad this year I had to take freinds up on learning how to cook one of Hyderbad’s most famous meals Biriyani. The food from the State of Telangana is a mix of Moghal, Turkish, Arabic and the native Telagu. But again it’s a dish that everyone will have their own take on.

My lesson was being conducted by Sherizad who is a local Muslim and school friend of the coach of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team, Purnima Rau. There were lots of debates over the exact measurements but we know all good recpies have a ‘pinch’ of this and ‘handful’ of that.

Not sure why Oprah has poppd up on screen so early either. Needless to say I hope this part is taken by my Kiwi mates as it was intended,  tongue in cheek…By the way I love your lamb!