The Things We Do!

So I’m not even 48 hours into my first ever 30 day challenge and I’m still wondering why!?!

I vaguely remember a weekend a while back where it was spent, not by design I might add, going to the gym, eating well and not going out. And to my surprise I felt pretty darn good. So when the option of my gym’s 30 Day Detox came up I thought why not.

Now I’m not an overly quick learner as a number of not so flash Jones moments in my life have started with “why not”. Hitch hiking in Zimbabwe, – “why not”. Asking a white guy why he wasn’t singing the black choruses of South Africa’s national anthem before a Springbok game at Ellis Park in Johannesburg – “why not.”

Yep, not the smartest moves  and  there was some dread yesterday morning when I embarked on another possible moment of regret. Starting a detox coming into the start of summer and the festive party season -“why not!”

So the parts I think will be fairly easy? The daily gym sessions, giving up sugar, ticking off the set protein shakes, drinks and meals.

The tough parts? Getting myself organised to have meals ready to go, the amount of functions, Christmas parties and catch ups in the diary, my daily morning coffee and two days of fasting. I’m tipping this list will grow in the coming days too.

It was a shaky start Monday morning when the alkaline greens drink which included ciaga antioxidant juice, lemon, eye of newt and a few other things was being mixed and promptly eroded the bottom adding shards of glass to the concoction. So the glass “may” have been weakened from some heavy use of more toxic substances over the years and was just a cruel coincidence before a nose held gulp. A second attempt and fears of the next 30 days starting badly were alleviated as it actually tasted OK.

Green breakfast

A unique approach to the coffee dilemma whereby my attempt to slowly ween myself of my daily strong flat white was to head over with work mates to the local cafe to just smell the aroma of freshly grounded beans. Was this wise? Probably not but no headache from withdrawals so I’ll keep up the routine.

December 16 is marked in the diary with friends ready to shout me a few espresso martinis to celebrate and enjoy two vices in one hit.

Cravings aside I’m excited to see just how this  30 Day Body Upgrade actually makes me feel, what physical difference I’ll notice and if it changes my approach to the way i lead my life once it’s completed.